Testosterone And Hair Loss

Every person wants to have healthy hair. When you are young your hair usually looks nice, but, unfortunately, very often some people, especially men, notice that they start losing hair. You can develop hair thinning even if you are quite young. That is why it is important to learn several hair loss prevention techniques and find out about possible treatment.

Testosterone And Hair Loss

Men face hair problems more often than women do. That is why it is believed that testosterone and hair loss are connected. But does testosterone cause hair loss in men? There are three main causes for male hair fallling out:

  • Genes. If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss, than there is not much you can do about it;
  • Hormones. Hormonal imbalance can lead to hair problems as well as any other problems with health;
  • Age. It is not a surprise that the older you become, the less hair you have.

Around one third of all men begin losing their hair before they turn 45. By the time males are 70, almost all of them experience some form of hair loss. Scientists have found out that those men who are prone to early baldness have hereditary genes that are hypersensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When testosterone transforms into DHT, it “squeezes” hair follicles. This leads to shortening and thinning of hair, and then to complete cessation of its growth. In this case hair follicles stay alive, thus, theoretically, hair growth can be restored.

Baldness And Testosterone

Some people believe that men who have become bald early, are more “masculine”, since their powerful testosterone had “kicked out” all their hair. However, this is not true. Many studies have shown that males who lose their hair and those who do not have approximately the same testosterone levels. The difference is in the sensitivity of their hair follicles to hormonal influences. Those men who experience early baldness have hair follicles that are more sensible to testosterone.

Can Low Testosterone Level Cause Hair Loss?

There is another question about hair loss due to testosterone. Some say that it is possible to lose hair due to low level of testosterone. Does low testosterone cause hair loss in men?

Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, this is possible. Low testosterone and hair loss are correlated. However, it mostly concerns “male” hair, such as beard, hair on chest, back, legs, arms, etc. Nevertheless, this is not the most terrible thing about low testosterone levels. Low level of this hormone can lead to other more serious problems, such as fatigue, depression, muscle loss, fat accumulation in the chest area, weight gain, decreased libido and even erectile dysfunction.

According to one of the articles in the Journal of Andrology, baldness is a hormonal dysfunction, which is associated with free testosterone. Decrease of this hormone in blood in a free form leads to baldness in the front part of head.

That is why some doctors recommend undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Nowadays you can find many testosterone supplements or even injections that can help you to restore your testosterone levels. Consult with your doctor as for the exact testosterone booster for you and the actual need of it in your case. Usually doctors will ask you to do some hormonal tests to find out which hormones you lack or have in excess.

However, you may be concerned: “Does testosterone therapy cause hair loss?” Now you know the answer. If your hair follicles are sensible to this hormone than you run a risk of losing hair. Nevertheless, your doctor can prescribe you the correct amount of testosterone, so the treatment will not affect your hair.

How To Treat Male Pattern Baldness?

If you lose hair because of high testosterone or lack of it, there is no guaranteed treatment. However, hair loss provoked by too much testosterone or its shortage may be reversible with correct treatment. To slow down the hair loss you need to stop the transformation of free testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by such means as your doctor will recommend. Normally you should take the medecine once a day, and after a few months you can notice positive results. However, if you stop taking the drug against baldness, your hair will start to fall out again. Such treatment is not safe for women. Therefore, before you start to treat hair loss, you have to visit a specialist and undergo all the necessary tests.

The most important specialist is an endocrinologist that will test your hormonal state and find out what part of your hormonal system has disorders in its work. Then, except for the replacement therapy, you may also need to undergo endocrine system treatment and change your lifestyle, including your diet: you need to help your body to overcome the problems, as everything in it is interdependent. So if you get it to work properly, you will enjoy healthy hair again!

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