Olive Oil Hair Mask

Olive oil completely deserves its second name: liquid gold. This unique product is widely used since antiquity, not only in cookery but also in medicine and cosmetology. The reason for it being so valuable is that olive oil is the real source of antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins, which are very useful for the whole organism and for hair in particular.

Olive Oil Hair Mask

Olive oil is a very valuable remedy often used in the hair thinning treatments. This oil supplies hair with nutrients necessary for its health and growth and provides the scalp and hair follicles with sufficient nutrition and hydration. Furthermore, it helps easing itch caused by over dryness of the scalp.

The hair care products that contain olive oil, especially the masks, restore damaged hair, prevent moisture loss, improve hair appearance and enhance its resistance to negative external influences. Masks with olive oil can be useful for any type of hair. Active components of this oil are especially beneficial for over dry, lifeless, fractured, splitting hair. They intensely nourish hair roots, help restore hair structure and prevent split end problems. Moreover, olive oil is very helpful both for dry hair and for dry scalp. You can also use it to solve the greasy hair problem. It is especially good for mixed hair type, in other words, for hair with very dry strands at the ends and oily at the roots. In this case, the olive oil mask for damaged hair should be applied only to hair and any contact with the scalp should be avoided.

Olive oil can be an excellent base for any hair masks, which include a variety of components. It is very well combined with other base oils increasing their action and revitalizing hair more efficiently.

Homemade Olive Oil Hair Mask

There’s more than one homemade olive oil hair mask recipe. Our review of the most popular and efficient of them can help you to choose the one that suits you the most.

Homemade Olive Oil Hair Mask

First of all, to achieve the best result, it is essential to use only extra virgin olive oil.

The easiest way to enjoy all advantages of olive oil for your hair health is overnight olive oil mask for hair. You should slightly warm up the oil and then apply it to your hair and massage it into your scalp. After that, comb back your hair and cover it with an overwrap and a towel.

Coconut oil and olive oil are one of the most successful combinations for the treatment of hair and stimulation of its growth. This mask efficiently moisturizes dry and splitting hair and nourishes the hair roots.

Hair mask made of an egg and olive oil is a good option of the nutrient mask for hair thinning rescue. Preparing the mask with eggs, remember that the white is not used, the egg yolk is better for such purposes. This mask is able to make your hair healthy, accelerate its growth and give it a natural gloss.

Honey and olive oil are popular agents for dull, impoverished hair. They add gloss to such hair and make it softer and smoother.

Another way to use olive oil for hair mask is to blend it with avocado pulp. The nourishing and moisturizing properties of any avocado containing hair mask are really amazing. Avocado and olive oil combination provides hair with the necessary nutrition and hydration and significantly improves its appearance. It also strengthens and rejuvenates hair structure.

Banana, as well as avocado, has moisturizing properties. Moreover, hair mask with banana and olive oil can help to treat and enliven undernourished hair.

The olive oil based mask with yogurt and eggs can effectively cope with dry and brittle hair.

Olive Oil Hair Mask Benefits

Numerous reviews about the benefits of the masks using olive oil come down to the fact that it is an extremely efficient and universal remedy for solving the problems of hair impoverishing and brittleness. Such hair masks are very effective for treatment of the scalp. They have a smoothing effect. Olive oil fights the tendency to over oily hair, perfectly strengthens your hair follicles and moisturizes your scalp. After regular use of any hair mask with olive oil, the result will not be long in coming.

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