How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth and Thickness

Just like your skin, your hair reflects your whole organism’s health state. Weak, dull, and split ends of your hair indicate wrong hair care or a much more serious health problem. Every day the health state of our hair is affected by various factors such as poor environment and UV irradiation. Our hair suffers from coloring, perming, improper cosmetics or drying. Everyday stress, smoking, poor diet, skin diseases, and low immunity may become the internal reasons of hair weakening.

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth and Thickness

Different hair care products appear on the market every day. They claim to help to get rid of various hair problems like aesthetic defects or even serious diseases of scalp and hair. At the same time, many people still use diverse natural remedies for the fast and smooth health recovery. Among the natural recipes which are easily used at home there are different oils including castor oil. The latter got to Europe from the East in the eighteenth century and was used for soap manufacture, cosmetics, and perfumes. But for quite a long time people have used castor oil for hair growth and thickness.

Earlier they used pure castor oil, but nowadays it is a part of many cosmetic products for hair care. Castor oil is valuable for its ricinoleic and linoleic acids. This oil is also rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein. Most frequently, castor oil is widely used as a cure for hair loss and as a recovery measure after coloring and perming.

There are various masks that contain castor oil for hair loss treatment. Here is the most popular recipe of a firming mask. Heat castor oil in a water bath and apply it to your hair for 1 hour. Wash it off thoroughly with shampoo and hair conditioner. To reach really good results while using castor oil masks add vitamin B complex as well. Mix some drops of liquid vitamin with two tablespoons of castor oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Rub this mixture thoroughly into the scalp and rinse it off in an hour.

Please note that if you have an oily scalp, you should keep the mask for 20-25 minutes only. Otherwise, the oil would only clog pores and make you lose even more hair.

You will notice the positive results of castor oil usage in a few weeks. But it takes up to three months of regular application to fix the result.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Here are some tips on how to use castor oil for hair growth. You should apply the oil to dry scalp and hair roots, put on a shower cap, then put a warm towel all over your head and wait for half an hour. In thirty minutes rinse the oil off with warm water. To make the process easier, you may use shampoo or hair conditioner to wash it off because castor oil has quite a viscous consistency.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Due to the consistency of castor oil you can mix it with other liquid oils to make masks. You can use olive oil, cedar oil, and sesame oil. The fluid texture will facilitate the processes of mask application and hair wash.

The mixture of castor and olive oils in a mask provides additional benefits for your hair.

You may boost the mask effectiveness by adding ground chili pepper to your castor oil. But you can only keep this mask on your head for half an hour. If a strong burning sensation appears, you should immediately wash the mask off to avoid burns on your scalp. Red pepper in this mask boosts blood flow in the scalp and it in its turn enhances the absorption of oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

It stands to mention that Jamaican black castor oil got a lot of positive reviews from its users all over the world. This kind of castor oil is highly praised for its outstanding ability to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss. Such a specific color and a strong smell of Jamaican black castor oil result from burning process that provokes chemical changes in the oil. This kind of castor oil stimulates keratin production which boosts hair growth.

You should apply Jamaican black castor oil directly over your hair and scalp for 15 minutes. Use warm water and a mild shampoo to rinse the mask off. Such a mask is really good for your hair. You will see positive results in a few weeks. You should remember that this oil might cause itching and discomfort because of its concentration. You may mix this oil with a shampoo to avoid those unpleasant feelings.

You may also mix castor oil with other oils that are useful for hair. Coconut oil is extremely good for your hair. The masks which include castor and coconut oil provide nourishing and protection for your weakened hair. They really work wonders for damaged, dry, brittle hair, and split ends. Such a combination of oils is the best way to treat hair loss and improve the general condition of your hair providing the vivid shine and volume you’ve dreamt about.

Coconut oil helps to strengthen hair follicles and restore hair structure. The condition of your hair before and after this mask application will be dramatically different. And what is more important, oil masks are equally good for men and for women.

Small Details Which Are Worth Remembering

Here is a piece of advice for those who decided to assure themselves of castor oil effectiveness.

When choosing castor oil for cosmetic purposes you should prefer cold-pressed oil. Such oil keeps more useful properties than hot-pressed oil.

If you experience skin redness and itchy scalp, you might be allergic to oil. Therefore, you should stop using it.

Jamaican black castor oil should smell of ashes. Be careful because dishonest manufacturers may sell the oil with colorants instead of selling natural cold-pressed or hot-pressed oil.

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