How To Stop Hair Fall And Hair Loss In Women And Men

Our hair is an important part of our image. It is one of the main parts in our appearance and we pay much attention to keep our hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. Healthy hair and a stylish hairdo indicate that you are a happy and successful person. People always admire shiny hair. That is why men and women try to avoid hair loss and make their hair look nice.

How To Stop Hair Fall And Hair Loss In Women And Men

People who have faced the problem of hair loss at least once want to know how to stop hair fall quickly. You might be disappointed to learn that it is impossible to solve hair problems immediately. Thinning of hair is a gradual process that usually does not start on its own. As a rule hair loss is connected to some internal or external factors and before you start any treatment, you should find out what caused hair fall in your case.

Causes Of Thinning Hair

Among the main reasons of thinning hair are:

  • Stress. It negatively influences the overall state of your body disturbing the proper functioning of your organs. Constant stress leads to hair loss;
  • Hormonal changes. Some of them are natural, for example, hormonal imbalance after pregnancy that causes severe postpartum hair loss. Others are connected to health problems and require immediate treatment;
  • Lack or vitamins and minerals. Your hair needs iron and zinc to grow healthy. If there is not enough minerals in your blood, you will have problems with your hair;
  • Health problems. Hair loss can be a symptom of some diseases. That is why it is better to visit a physician if you notice that you start losing hair;
  • Side effects of drugs or exposure to dangerous factors. Radiation or chemicals can cause hair loss. Besides, some healthcare products badly affect your hair;
  • Genetic predisposition.

Each of these causes requires different methods of stopping hair loss. Therefore, do not delay your visit to a doctor. He or she can define the exact reason of hair loss and prescribe a proper treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment

There are many ways to stop hair loss and regrow hair, including medical and natural ones. Each particular case can require its own treatment, depending on the initial reason which led to hair fall. That is why before you try various remedies, consult a doctor to state the ultimate cause and to define the best treatment for you.

Hair Loss Treatment

If you want to stop hair loss in men or women caused by stress, you should alleviate stressful factors in your live. Sometimes you will have to choose between healthy hair and your current job, as the most stress we get at work or in family. Spend more time doing pleasant things. Do not watch much TV, especially late at night.

Another reason for hair problems, as we have mentioned above, are hormonal disorders. This happens more often to women during or after pregnancy, while breastfeeding or in menopause. How to stop hair loss in women if it is triggered by hormonal imbalance? In most cases no special medical treatment is needed. Hormonal levels will come back to normal and in 6-10 months your hair will restore on its own.

However, if there is no obvious reason for hormonal disorders, but you lose hair, consult a doctor, because it can be a symptom of a disease.

How to reduce hair loss if it is caused by lack of vitamins and nutrients? The answer is obvious – you should restore the balance of microelements in your body. The best way to do this is to have proper food. Make sure your diet contains enough fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, foods rich of proteins. Probably you need to take some vitamins in pills.

Extreme hair loss caused by drugs or chemotherapy as a rule stops by itself after you end the treatment course. In this case your hair can even regrow, but it takes time.

If you hair problems are connected to some other disease, you should cure the disease at first. Visit a doctor, make necessary tests and undergo the prescribed treatment. It is quite possible that getting rid of the initial disease will help to stop losing hair.
According to the statistics, men are more genetically predisposed to baldness than women. Female body produces more hormones that positively influence hair growth. That is why women very seldom become completely bald. Usually they have hair thinning all over their head, unlike men, who lose hair in particular areas of their scalp.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Along with the prescribed treatment you can try to support your hair naturally. Applying castor oil onto your hair and scalp is a natural way to stop hair loss. Rubbing garlic or onion juice also helps to get rid of hair problems.

You can achieve very positive results if you massage your scalp at least once a day. It helps to improve blood circulation in small capillaries near hair follicles and your hair bulbs will get more nutrients. This makes them stronger.

If you want to lower the risk of having problems with your hair, try to follow these simple tips to stop hair fall:

  1. Do not shampoo your hair every day as it exhausts your hair bulbs;
  2. Try not to use hair dryers or other gadgets for hair that expose your hair to high temperature as it makes your hair weak;
  3. Wear a hat when you are exposed to sunshine, because UF rays are dangerous to hair structure;
  4. Do not wear too tight hairdos. This hinders normal blood circulation;
  5. Avoid combing wet hair, if it is long;
  6. Have much sleep and rest. Correct lifestyle is very important for your health; and you hair is a mirror of your health;
  7. Eat healthily to provide your hair with all the necessary minerals.

Being attentive to your health can make your hair look luxuriant. Follow these rules and you will notice soon that your hair will become stronger and healthier.

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