Hair Loss Prevention

Despite the fact that the problem of hair loss is believed to be a male thing, women look for hair loss prevention tips as often as men. If you are a female and you tend to see more and more hair on your comb from day to day, don’t get scared. Female hair loss is much easier cured than male hair loss which is also known as baldness. Today even young men aged 18-25 face this problem. Male hair loss prevention may be quite successful if you use additional remedies besides the best shampoo you can buy. First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of the loss of hair.

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Causes

To succeed in preventing hair loss in women and men we have to identify its reasons. Different factors may bring hair loss about– pregnancy and childbirth, stress, medication, male and female menopause. Improper hair care or excessive hair styling as well as frequent hair washing and coloring may lead to hair loss.

Women shouldn’t worry if they face hair loss as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. In this case hair you lost will come back soon. If constant stress and intense pace of life cause hair loss, you should change your life and learn to relax and not to take everything to heart too much.

Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle may become one of the reasons of hair loss problem. No wonder your hair comes off if you drink too much coffee, smoke or abuse alcohol. To strengthen your hair you should keep to the best diet. It suggests foods good for hair loss prevention – a boiled egg a day, olive oil, and products rich in vitamins D, E, and B. Looking for natural hair loss prevention tips don’t forget about green tea and fruit. These products are a powerful source of antioxidants necessary to restore and protect hair structure.

If you faced severe hair loss, try washing your hair less frequently. Do not use hair dryer. For treatment purposes you may use baby shampoo to wash your hair. You may also replace your usual hair balsam or conditioner with medical masks to naturally keep your hair from receding.

How to Save Your Hair

Taking necessary steps for prevention of hair loss in men is easier then dealing with the results of loss. Here are some easy ways for you to keep your hair healthy.

How to Save Your Hair

  • Do not hurt your scalp. At the same time natural daily scalp massage with your fingertips or a brush is very useful because it stimulates metabolism, and as the result hair growth;
  • Vitamins deficiency is very often a reason of hair loss. Therefore do your best to enrich your diet with vitamins or take a multivitamin complex;
  • Wash your hair with moderately cold water as long as hot water harms your scalp and hair follicles as well as boosts sebaceous glands;
  • Choose a shampoo of high quality according to your hair type. Remember that many cheap products will badly influence your hair;
  • Do not forget to wear a hat in winter as long as cold and sudden temperature changes result in destruction of hair follicles.

Home Remedies and Masks

You may try to restore lost hair, strengthen its roots and make it shine again with home remedies. Here are some tips for men and for women on how to revive your hair. Use homemade masks to cure your hair!

You can use egg yolks to prepare a mask against hair loss. Take two egg yolks and blend them with two spoons of fresh honey. Then add a spoon of burdock oil and a spoon of cognac and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Make a water bath and heat your mixture until it gets pleasantly warm. Apply the mask on wet hair for one hour before you wash it. Don’t forget to wrap your head.

You may like a hair mask with mustard and colorless henna. To make the mask you need to add boiling water to henna according to the instructions and then add a spoon of mustard powder. Apply the mask while it is warm. Wrap your hair carefully and wash the mask off in half an hour.

Olive oil is very useful against hair loss. Take a half cup of olive oil and heat it a little in the microwave. Then add fresh juice of a half of a lemon and mix the mask thoroughly. Apply the warm mask on your hair. Wash the mask off in an hour. To get a result you should apply this mask up to twelve times, every time you wash your hair.

Aloe juice is also a good home remedy against hair loss. Take two tablespoons of aloe juice and mix them with egg yolk, a spoon of honey, and a spoon of garlic juice. Apply the mask on your wet hair and wrap it to keep it warm. Wash your hair in half an hour.

Once you started using home masks to treat hair loss you should remember that you cannot change mask ingredients every single time you apply it. It takes up to twelve procedures in a mask course to get positive results.

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