Hair Loss Causes – Reasons For Hair Loss In Women And Men

Every person wants to stay young and attractive as long as possible. Your hair creates a great part of your image. Strong and shiny hair can make any person look more beautiful and even more successful, as subconsciously people perceive healthy hair as a sign of prosperity and health in general. Think of celebrities or models who always have perfect hair.

Hair Loss Causes - Reasons For Hair Loss In Women And Men

Usually hair state does not cause any troubles if you are young and healthy. However, sometimes you may notice that you lose hair. If this loss does not exceed 80-100 hairs per day, you have nothing to worry about, as it is a natural process of hair replacement. Old hair falls out, while new hair grows. Nevertheless, if loss of hair exceeds this amount, it may be a sign of incipient alopecia or, in other words, baldness. The quicker you begin treatment, the better results you can achieve.

Both men and women face hair problems, but a male are more likely to develop alopecia than a female, besides pattern baldness in men is rather typical phenomenon among men over 50. You can easily check this statement by watching men in the street.

If you realize that you have excessive hair fall, it is time to find a reason for this problem. Hair loss causes can differ in women and men and in various age groups. Some of the main reasons for hair loss and thinning are connected to various medical conditions and should be tackled as soon as possible. Other reasons are relatively harmless and will not bring severe damage to your hairstyle, if removed in time.

8 Main Reasons For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a state that can be provoked by many various reasons, starting with wrong choice of hair care products and ending with such serious disease as cancer. That is why, before taking any actions to restore your hair you should find out the exact cause that led to this state. It is better to visit a doctor, as finding out reasons for your hair fall can involve making some medical tests.

Alopecia causes include:

  • Immunity disorders. Many people claim that after viral illnesses they noticed excessive hair loss, especially if during the time they were ill they had fever;
  • Lack of iron and other minerals. It happens if you stick to unbalanced diet or have bad nourishing habits;
  • Side effects of drugs. There are some medications that cause hair loss. However, as soon as you stop taking them, you can expect your hair to restore its health and quantity again;
  • Hormonal disorders. Main causes of hair loss in women include hormonal unbalance after delivery, during breastfeeding or menopause. High level of testosterone also cause hair loss;
  • Diseases of scalp, such as seborrhea or dermatitis. Both can be triggered by inner or outer factors;
  • Bad habits that influence blood circulation. For example, drinking too much coffee or strong tea negatively affects blood vessels and hair bulbs receive not enough elements from blood;
  • Constant stress. If you are under frequent psychological pressure, you may face hair loss. Your hair falls out because blood vessels in scalp become narrow and hair is not nourished properly;
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions. Water contamination and air pollution have a severe negative effect on human body in general. Hair condition also depends on ecological circumstances. That is why city dwellers have more problems with their hair than those who live in villages.

As you see, each cause requires its own treatment.

Common Questions About Hair Loss

Since hair loss is a rather frequent problem, people usually ask many typical questions about it. Let us consider some of them.

What causes hair loss in women?
Usually women note hair loss problems after starting sexual live. This is connected to growing testosterone level. Heavy hair loss takes place after delivery because of stress, blood loss and hormonal surges. Besides, taking care of a baby causes constant stress that negatively influences hair health. Breastfeeding also can lead to hair fall, as the baby sucks most of the minerals from a woman’s body and it is rather difficult for a mother to restore this vitamin shortage.

Sometimes hair loss in women is genetically predisposed, but unlike men, women have thinning hair all over their heads, while men tend to loose hair on their crown and above temples, developing so called pattern baldness.

Among common causes of hair loss in men is genetic predisposition. Almost a quarter of men begin losing their hair after 30 and two thirds gradually lose their hair until they are bold at the age of 60.

Does stress cause hair loss?
Yes, it does. Actually, under stress your body works not as it ought to. This malfunction influences all the systems including blood circulation. Having improper microelement supply your hair starts falling out.

Does dandruff cause hair loss?
Hair fall and dandruff are sometimes connected, but dandruff is not the initial reason of hair thinning. In fact, dandruff is one of the symptoms of many diseases that also cause hair loss. One of such disease is seborrheic dermatitis, which can be triggered by malfunction of inner organs as well as local allergic reactions.

Does smoking cause hair loss?
Yes, it does. However, this consequence is not direct. Nicotine negatively affects human body, causing various disorders, which in their turn influence normal hair growth, leading to extreme hair loss. So if you smoke, think of your hair’s future.

Does hair condition depend on weight loss?
A lot of men and women have noticed correlation between weight loss and hair fall. This dependence is easy to explain. If you lose weight, your body exploits minerals and vitamins more quickly. Lack of microelements is usually one of the medical reasons for hair problems. Therefore, if you plan to stick to a low calorie diet, think of possible negative consequences for your hair. Of course, as soon as you begin proper nutrition, your hair condition will gradually come back to normal.

Sudden Hair Loss

As a rule, hair loss is gradual process, but sometimes people observe sudden hair loss. In most situations this condition is temporary and is connected to various health reasons. As soon as the main health problem is solved, hair condition stabilizes and you may notice hair regrowth.

Reasons for sudden hair loss

Among possible reasons for sudden hair loss are:

  • delivery;
  • severe stress;
  • scalp infectious diseases;
  • puberty;
  • other illnesses of body systems.

Sudden hair fall requires urgent visit to a doctor. The quicker you consult a specialist, the sooner you restore your hair.

Hair Treatment

Major part of hair problems can be successfully treated, but only a doctor can prescribe proper cure after a thorough investigation of all possible reasons for hair problems. Unfortunately, complete recovery is a slow process as hair grows with an average speed of one centimeter a month. Therefore, it will take 6-8 months until you notice the results of the treatment.

In some cases it is enough to start eating proper meal. This will restore balance of necessary elements in your body. Some people will have to give up smoking and drinking alcohol to normalize the state of their inner organs and later this will lead to hair regrowth.

If hair loss is connected to another disease, you should undergo a corresponding treatment. Nevertheless, do not forget that some drugs provoke hair loss and once you end their course, your hair problem will disappear.

Unfortunately, in some cases of alopecia it is impossible to restore hair naturally. In this situation doctors can advise you to undergo hair transplantation.

To conclude, hair loss is a huge problem for lots people, but luckily, in most cases it is possible to cure this state. So, if you have hair thinning, consult a doctor and start proper treatment, so that in 6 month you can enjoy your new healthy hairstyle.

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