Female Pattern Baldness Causes and Treatment

There are various reasons of female alopecia. To begin with, it must be mentioned that the majority of cases of male pattern baldness is connected with androgenic alopecia. At the same time, only 5 percent of female baldness is connected with hormones. Main causes of female hair loss may vary. Usually, women tend to suffer from the so-called temporary baldness. This female phenomenon may be reversed and even completely cured if you treat it in a proper way and in time.

Female Pattern Baldness Causes and Treatment

Stress is always among the reasons that often make women lose hair. You may see the results of stress on your hairbrush in a few months when you have already forgotten why you were so distressed.

Female pattern baldness is often brought about by hormonal disorders associated with strict dieting, hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. Genetics is also a reason of female baldness. Many medical products have a disastrous influence on hair.

Finally, improper hair care can become the reason of significant hair loss. Eventually you will see early symptoms of baldness if you overuse a hairdryer, do not protect your hair in the sun or in the rain. You might notice the first signs of alopecia if you often perm or dye your hair with low quality products.

Uncommon but much-feared by women of any age is androgenic alopecia. The abovementioned type of alopecia is caused by androgens, or male sex hormones. Women don’t have to wonder because the body of any person produces both male and female hormones. If your health condition is okay, your organism produces more hormones which correspond to your gender and less hormones of opposite sex. Such production of hormones balances the endocrine system. Under certain circumstances woman’s body may fail to keep hormonal balance and, therefore, androgen hormones are overproduced. Such state is called hyperandrogenism and it becomes the reason of male pattern baldness in women, or androgenic female alopecia. Hyperandrogenism and genetic predisposition to baldness underlie androgenetic alopecia faced by men and women equally.

Androgenic alopecia in women is also known as women pattern baldness (similar to male pattern baldness). It is caused by androgen hormones in men and women who have genetic disposition to hair loss. Usually, hair starts to get thinner at the age between 12 to 40 years old and in most cases for hereditary reasons. The genes you had the bad luck to inherit are responsible for gradual changing of big hair follicles into small ones and get activated. As a consequence, the hair growth is reduced. The hairs have no time to recover and you start to lose them.

Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

So what are the tips for female pattern baldness treatment? The first step to cure your hair is to get all the necessary information. You need information for several reasons – to find the best treatments and to keep positive thinking and avoid depression. You need a good mood to successfully eliminate the problem and stop female pattern baldness.

Female baldness differs from male pattern baldness and has no specific reasons. Therefore, the problem requires comprehensive treatment.

Many doctors believe that women who faced hair loss should immediately start taking stimulants of hair growth. This sounds quite sensible for the cause of hair loss is not clear at first. Hair growth stimulation will help your hair no matter what the reason might be.

Women are lucky compared to men. Unlike male pattern alopecia, female hair loss can be completely reversible. As soon as doctors have chosen the solutions for your hair treatment, attention is paid to various tests and examinations to identify possible reasons of baldness. Once the problem is determined you may stop female pattern alopecia root and branch.

Just like male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss is often connected with hormones. It might be overactive thyroid gland, pregnancy or menopause, as well as hormonal response to genetic autoimmune condition. In any case, first of all you need to find the reason to be able to treat female baldness successfully.

Hair Restorers for Women

Along with natural treatment products like masks and potions, various home remedies, best diet and vitamins, there are three main types of drugs usually prescribed by doctors to save your hair:

  • Hair growth stimulants;
  • Anti-androgens;
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hair growth stimulants make new hair grow, regardless of the reason of hair loss. Anti-androgens and androgen blockers block or suppress the activity of androgen hormone in the scalp, which is quite beneficial for women.

As for anti-inflammatory drugs, they prevent hair thinning and, as a result, may help to avoid alopecia.

Although there is no universal solution to keep women from hair loss, you are now aware of basic principles of treatment. All you have to do is moving in the right direction – identify the reason of your problem and get proper female baldness pattern treatment.

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