Emu Oil for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

The benefits of emu oil have been known since ancient times. Over hundreds of years, emu occupied an important place in the life of Australian local people. These birds supplied the aborigines of Australia not only with food or skin for clothing. Their oil is a unique natural first aid kit, it is highly prized for its painkilling, anti-inflammatory and other healing properties. Aborigines widely used it to treat skin diseases, wounds, burns, bruises, as a sunscreen and moisturizing agent.

Emu Oil for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

In the modern world demand for emu oil has arisen just recently and the cosmetics industry has become a major customer. About 10 years ago, scientists have become interested in emu fat. The reason for that was watching emus, and, as a result, discovering the wonderful ability of emu oil to provide the amazing power of self-restoration. It was noticed that injured ostriches recovered in record-breaking time. Also, they never get sick and are resistant to any disease-producing factors.

Emu oil is produced from fat depot of this birds, which are found only in Australia and Tasmania. To get emu oil the fat is purified, the impurities are eliminated, as well as odors and colors. Ostrich oil can be safely called a real “elixir of youth”: it moisturizes, helps to get rid of skin peeling or redness and accelerates the regeneration of the damaged tissues. It shows anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action.

The beneficial properties of the oil are confirmed today by numerous studies. In particular, Boston researchers discovered that emu oil accelerates the regeneration of the skin by 20%. It also has a positive effect on hair bulbs because it activates up to 80% of “sleeping” follicles. Recently cosmetic manufacture has widely applied emu oil. Many cosmetic products for skin and hair in France and Italy are based on the unique composition of ostrich fat.

Emu Oil for Hair Loss

Besides all above mentioned advantages, the oil’s benefits for the hair are also undeniable. Emu oil is an efficient natural remedy for healthy and beautiful hair. It can be placed in line with such oils as argan and coconut.

Premature hair loss is an actual problem today not only for males but also for females. By age 35, about 40 percent of men suffer from this problem. Many women after the age of fifty are also facing it. There are three main reasons for hair loss: hormonal change, family predisposition and hair degradation. All existing hair loss remedies require prolonged use to achieve visible results. In addition, they may have a variety of side effects. Therefore, the discovery of emu oil for hair loss treatment is considered to be a real revolution in the cosmetic industry. Researches have shown that this means copes well with the restoration of hair follicles. It stimulates the follicles and improves scalp condition. Numerous researches and tests have shown that the condition of the hair before and after using the emu oil considerably differ. After its using the hair looks more vivid and begins to grow faster.

Furthermore, the impact of using emu oil for hair loss is beginning to be unquestionable after 3 months. Emu oil not only can stop hair loss, but also help them grow. You can use emu oil not only against hair loss, it also helps restoring damaged hair, deeply moisturizes dry hair, helps to avoid split ends and returns the hair a natural healthy shine.

Numerous positive reviews of users, as well as “before and after” photos that flooded the Internet aim to demonstrate the effect of a miracle means and confirm all its benefits. And while there is still a question “does emu oil work for hair loss?” in the Internet, the amount of positive testimonials and examples speaks for itself.

How to Use Emu Oil for Hair Loss

How to Use Emu Oil for Hair Loss

You can use either emu oil shampoo or pure emu oil for hair growth. The most popular way of how to use emu oil for hair loss is to damp hair after washing. In this case, it will facilitate combing hair and will act as a thermal protection for later use of the dryer. As one of the ways to use pure emu oil for hair growth it can be also added to the hair conditioner, mask or shampoo to increase their properties. It is recommended to apply it to hair before going to bed, spread along the length and keep for the whole night. During the night emu oil perfectly nourishes, smoothes and moisturizes the hair. The other way is to use various finished cosmetic products such as emu oil shampoo that have emu oil as a main ingredient.

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